Willie"Tee"s 2022 Schedule

Please Check Back Often for Updates

Feb. 12th.   Toby's Lil Lodge .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" with special guest: Bert Miller,  & Christopher John ( Frog )      Opelousas,  La.    (8:30pm-11:30pm) 

Feb. 28th.  16th Annual  Swamp-Pop Reunion .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" will be Backing up all these Artist: Kenny Tibbs, Roy Chaffin, Gene Terry, Christopher John ( Frog ), V.J. Boulet, Bobby Page, T. K. Hulin, Junior Dugas, Charles Vellion, Donald Babin ( Tet Dur ' ), Intermission: Lynn August, Willie "Tee", Ryan Vanicor, Charles Mann, Johnnie Allan, Grace Broussard, Arthur Broussard, Jivin Gene, Ken Marvel,   & Kyle Dugas                                                                        Cypress Band: Karl Dugas ( drums ) Tommy Richard ( guitar ) Larry Badon ( Bass ) Carl Bordelon ( Keyboards )          Horn Section:  Earl Taylor, Sid Janise, Gene Romero, Mike Vice, Willie "Tee"      


May. 28th.     Grand Opera House Theater, Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress"  with special guest:  T.K. Hulin, Lynn August, Bert Miller, Christopher John ( Frog ), & Charline Howard                                           Crowley, La.    ( 7:00pm-9:30pm) 
June  11th.   Corn Festival .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" with special guest:  T.K. Hulin,   Bert Miller           Bunkie,  La.       ( 3:00pm-5:00pm ) 
July  30th.   Toby's Lil Lodge .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" with special guest:  Bert Miller,   &            Lynn August          Opelousas,  La.    (8:30pm-11:30pm) 
Sept  4th.    Evangeline Downs Civic Center, Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress"  with special guest:  T.K. Hulin, Lynn August, Bert Miller, Jivin Gene, & Charline Howard          Opelousas, La.    ( 6:00pm-9:00pm) 
Sept.  11th.   Vermillionville .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" with special guest:  Lynn August          Lafayette,  La.    (1:00pm-4:00pm) 

Oct.  7th.    Zwolle Tamale Festival .....Willie "Tee"  &  "Cypress" with special guest:  Lynn August          Zwolle,  La.    (8:30pm-11:30pm)